ERMAC Move List

Fireball: D, B, BP (Can be performed while in the air)
Teleport Punch: D, B, BK
Telekinetic Slam: D, B, FP
Telekinetic Push: B, D, FP
Ground Slam: D, D, U

Despite using different names in the in-game move lists, Enhanced Moves are exactly the same as the regular Special Moves (see above) except you must press BLOCK simultaneously with whichever attack button ends the input for the special move. Enhanced specials can only be used when you have sufficient bar charged (see the bottom of your screen during gameplay) since it will drain a bar.

Press BLOCK + FLIP simultaneously to execute your X-Ray move (all bars must be full, see bottom of your screen during gameplay.)

Ermac Rush: FP, BP, FP
Mysterious Mash: F + FP, FP, BK
Fusion: B + FP, FP, BK
We Win: B + FP, BP, F + FP
Nether Pain: BP, BP
Psychic Strikes: B + BP, B + FP
Lost Souls: B + BP, FP, F + BP
Relinquish: FK, FK
Surrender: FK, FP, BP
Disoriented: B + FK, BK
Controlled Chaos: F + BK, B + BP

BreakD: F + BP, TAG
Brain Freeze: B + BP, TAG
Mind-Blowing: B + FP, BP, F + FP, TAG

Clear Your Mind: F + FP, FP, TAG
Subconscious: B + FP, FP, TAG
Lucidity: FK, FP, TAG

FATALITY 1 - Mind Over Splatter: D, U, D, D, BLOCK (Jump)
FATALITY 2 - Pest Control: F, B, F, D, BK (Jump)
Stage Fatality: D, U, D, D, FK (Varies)
Babality: D, D, B, D, BP (Jump)

B = Back (Away from your opponent)
F = Forward (Toward your opponent)
U = Up
D = Down

FP = Front Punch (PS3: Square, Xbox360: X button)
BP = Back Punch (PS3: Triangle, XBox360: Y button)
FK = Front Kick (PS3: X, XBox360: A button)
BK = Back Kick (PS3: Circle, XBox360: B button)
THROW = Throw Button (PS3: R1, XBox360: Right Bumper)
BLOCK = Block (PS3: R2, XBox360: Right Trigger)
TAG = Tag Partner (PS3: L1, XBox360: Left Bumper)
FLIP = Flip Stance (PS3: L2, XBox360: Right Trigger)

Credits: Thanks to redapocalypse04, The Realm of Mortal Kombat, IceMaster, GameSpot

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